Monday, November 8, 2010


Marlies Rijken by Sandra Janssen

It was definitely nice to see Dutch gymnast Marlies Rijken have such success at the Ojisek World Cup competition.  Marlies is a long gymnast, which gives her gorgeous lines on her best event, bars.  Funnily, she only won bronze there, taking gold on floor (13.250)  and beam (14.050), where she is also wonderful to watch.
The Dutch gymnasts had an extraordinary amount of pressure on them, performing last month to a crowd of rabid, orange fans and a spate of Dutch media.  They did well.  but it must have been a relief to to compete in a more relaxed environment in Croatia.

Croatian stalwart Tina Erceg followed Marlies with the silver on floor.  (Was Tina Erceg in Rotterdam?  I don't remember seeing her?)

If you haven't read it already, The Couch Gymnast magazine featured an interview with Marlies in Issue Five about her life and her training at Pro Patria.


  1. It's spelled Osijek, not Ojisek ;)
    And Tina wasn't in Rotterdam because she and her coach felt that she won't be at her top form at the time of competition - she had a mild back injury that has been slowing her down. However, she had to compete at the world cup held in her home country, she didn't want to let the fans down :)

  2. Her best event is beam....