Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Well, the fact that I have an answer to my question about whether there are any female elite MAG coaches out there already truly confirms Pierre Levy, the french cyber-theorist's predictions of how online communities create collective intelligences.  "No one knows everything," he said, "But everyone knows something.  All knowledge resides in humanity."

Basically, together, we know a lot!

Well, one such gymnastics fan knew about Michelle Bradley, the female coach of British gymnast, Kristian Thomas.  Kristian qualified 17th in the men's AA qualification in Rotterdam this year, but was knocked out by his team mates Daniel Purvis and Samuel Hunter.  He trains at Earl's gymnastics club in England.

In 2009, Thomas was interviewed by International Gymnast Online, where they asked him about this unusual coaching relationship;

IG: It seems normal for female gymnasts to have male coaches, but very unique for a male gymnast to have a female coach, as you do. What are the dynamics of your relationship?
KT: I feel that we have a very good and solid relationship in the gym and both know what aims we want, so we are able to push each other on and strive to bigger and better things. I am also trained by (three-time Worlds competitor) Ryan Bradley at Earls Gymnastics Club where I train most of the week, and also by Andrei Popov, who is the men's national coach, twice a week.

To read more of the interview, head over HERE 

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