Saturday, November 6, 2010


Okay, so, being a good little Virgo I have finally found the time to put all of my Worlds photos in a series of albums on Facebook.  They are now organized by nations (more or less)  if you are interested in checking them out and are not tired of Worlds pics!  These are all the  action pictures, portraits and candids from the blog, from the galleries on the Gymmnastics Examiners plus some others I had hanging about.  There is also an album of photos from the training hall if you are interested in seeing the day-to-day aspects of Worlds training.

You will have to 'friend' my Facebook if you haven't already, as I am keeping the albums 'private' (hah!) because of photo stealing issues.  The link to my account is on the right of the page.

Please, I have to ask, don't take my photos without asking me first.  That would be really appreciated.  I am fairly generous about letting people use them if I know what they are for.  But I really don't appreciate people who just take them to put them on their own Facebook pages.  Just tell your friends to friend my page if they want to see them.  No one ever got hurt friending TCG that I know of!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them.

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