Sunday, October 31, 2010


As you all probably all know by now, the Swiss Cup was on this weekend.  The Swiss Cup has a strange format where two representatives, male and female, from each country compete together. It is like the Hopman Cup of gymnastics. In each round they comepte in one event each.
Germany's pair, Fabian Hambuechen and Elisabeth Seitz managed to defeat Italy to win.  Teams from Romania, China, Ukraine and Great Britain were also defeated along the way.  Many teams, according to International Gymnast, lost in the early rounds due to mistakes from their top gymnasts.
In each round, the gymnasts pick which event they will compete in.  Seitz, unsurprisingly selected uneven bars, but chose not to perform her Def.  Switzerland came thirds.  This means that if you fall, you are pretty much out of the competition.
For full coverage, including training notes and videos, check out the Gymnastics Examiner's coverage.

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