Sunday, October 31, 2010


Prosport asked Octavian Belu his thoughts on the Romanian results in Rotterdam.  He told them he believed they should not be considered in of themselves, but rather as hope for the future.  He, of course, is looking toward Tokyo next year and getting the girls ready for more difficulty and harder work.  He also admitted that he was not just in the stands during the World Championships.  This, anyone working there already knew, as he was very much present and in action in the training halls.  he simply did not wish to accompany them onto the floor- he did do a great deal of calling from the stands, however!
Ana porgras was also interviewed, saying that she simply thought of everything she had done to work for the medal before mounting the beam.  She is satisfied, but they are looking at upping her difficulty everywhere for the future.
Now?  "I want Olympic gold" she said.  Well honey, so does everyone!  For Porgras, the biggest task will be upping her difficulty whilst remaining uninjured. Let's hope she can.

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  1. "so does everyone" yes..but Anna has more reasons than others.She is realistic because SHE can,she is entitled to say that!